Class NetLicensingService

  • public class NetLicensingService
    extends Object
    Provides generic requests to NetLicensing services. This class is supposed to be used by other **Service classes.
    • Method Detail

      • request

        public Netlicensing request​(Context context,
                                    String method,
                                    String urlTemplate,
                                    Map<String,​Object> queryParams)
                             throws NetLicensingException
        Helper method for performing request to NetLicensing API services. Knows about context for the NetLicensing API calls, does authentication, provides error handling based on status of the response.
        context - context for the NetLicensing API call
        method - the HTTP method to be used, i.e. GET, POST, DELETE
        urlTemplate - the REST URL template
        request - The request body to be sent to the server. May be null.
        queryParams - The REST query parameters values. May be null if there are no parameters.
        Netlicensing response object