Class Context

public class Context extends GenericContext<String>
Provides calling context for the NetLicensing API calls.

The Context object may differ depending on the level at which NetLicensing API is called.

For the internal Java NetLicensing API the Context provides information about the targeted Vendor.

  • Constructor Details

    • Context

      public Context()
  • Method Details

    • setBaseUrl

      public Context setBaseUrl(String baseUrl)
    • getBaseUrl

      public String getBaseUrl()
    • setUsername

      public Context setUsername(String username)
    • getUsername

      public String getUsername()
    • setPassword

      public Context setPassword(String password)
    • getPassword

      public String getPassword()
    • setApiKey

      public Context setApiKey(String apiKey)
    • getApiKey

      public String getApiKey()
    • setSecurityMode

      public Context setSecurityMode(SecurityMode securityMode)
    • getSecurityMode

      public SecurityMode getSecurityMode()
    • setVendorNumber

      public Context setVendorNumber(String vendorNumber)
    • getVendorNumber

      public String getVendorNumber()
    • setPublicKey

      public void setPublicKey(String publicKey)
      Add public key to be used for validate signed NetLicensing response.
      publicKey - client publicKey.
    • getPublicKey

      public String getPublicKey()