Class ValidationParameters


public class ValidationParameters extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • ValidationParameters

      public ValidationParameters()
  • Method Details

    • setProductNumber

      public void setProductNumber(String productNumber)
      Sets the target product
      productNumber - optional productNumber, must be provided in case licensee auto-create is enabled
    • getProductNumber

      public String getProductNumber()
    • getLicenseeProperties

      public Map<String,String> getLicenseeProperties()
    • setLicenseeProperty

      public void setLicenseeProperty(String key, String value)
    • setLicenseeName

      public void setLicenseeName(String licenseeName)
      Sets the name for the new licensee
      licenseeName - optional human-readable licensee name in case licensee will be auto-created. This parameter must not be the name, but can be used to store any other useful string information with new licensees, up to 1000 characters.
    • getLicenseeName

      public String getLicenseeName()
    • setLicenseeSecret

      @Deprecated public void setLicenseeSecret(String licenseeSecret)
      Use the NodeLocked licensing model instead.
      Sets the licensee secret
      licenseeSecret - licensee secret stored on the client side. Refer to Licensee Secret documentation for details.
    • getLicenseeSecret

      @Deprecated public String getLicenseeSecret()
      Use the NodeLocked licensing model instead.
      Gets the licensee secret
    • setDryRun

      public void setDryRun(Boolean dryRun)
      Sets the "dry run" mode
      dryRun - if "true", validation will be executed in "dry run" mode, i.e. no modifications to any licenses.
    • isDryRun

      public Boolean isDryRun()
    • setForOfflineUse

      public void setForOfflineUse(Boolean forOfflineUse)
      Indicates, that the validation response is intended the offline use
      forOfflineUse - if "true", validation response will be extended with data required for the offline use
    • isForOfflineUse

      public Boolean isForOfflineUse()
    • getParameters

      public Map<String,Map<String,String>> getParameters()
    • getProductModuleValidationParameters

      public Map<String,String> getProductModuleValidationParameters(String productModuleNumber)
    • setProductModuleValidationParameters

      public void setProductModuleValidationParameters(String productModuleNumber, Map<String,String> productModuleParameters)
    • put

      public void put(String productModuleNumber, String key, String value)