Class BaseEntityImpl

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      • BaseEntityImpl

        public BaseEntityImpl()
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      • getReservedProps

        public static List<String> getReservedProps()
        List of reserved properties is used for handling of custom properties. Property name that is included in the list can not be used as custom property name. The list is extended by each derived entity class until the final business entity.
        the list of reserved property names
      • asRequestForm

        public asRequestForm()
        Description copied from interface: BaseEntity
        Converts properties of the entity to the body of POST request
        Specified by:
        asRequestForm in interface BaseEntity
        object that represents HTML form data request encoded using the "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" content type
      • asPropertiesMap

        protected<String,​Object> asPropertiesMap()
      • toString

        protected String toString​(<String,​Object> propMap)