Interface Product

All Superinterfaces:
BaseEntity, Serializable
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public interface Product extends BaseEntity
NetLicensing Product entity.

Properties visible via NetLicensing API:

number - Unique number that identifies the product. Vendor can assign this number when creating a product or let NetLicensing generate one. Read-only after creation of the first licensee for the product.

active - If set to false, the product is disabled. No new licensees can be registered for the product, existing licensees can not obtain new licenses.

name - Product name. Together with the version identifies the product for the end customer.

version - Product version. Convenience parameter, additional to the product name.

licenseeAutoCreate - If set to 'true', non-existing licensees will be created at first validation attempt.

description - Product description. Optional.

licensingInfo - Licensing information. Optional.

Arbitrary additional user properties of string type may be associated with each product. The name of user property must not be equal to any of the fixed property names listed above and must not be id.

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