Interface LicenseTemplate

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BaseEntity, Serializable
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public interface LicenseTemplate extends BaseEntity
License template entity used internally by NetLicensing.

Properties visible via NetLicensing API:

number - Unique number (across all products of a vendor) that identifies the license template. Vendor can assign this number when creating a license template or let NetLicensing generate one. Read-only after creation of the first license from this license template.

active - If set to false, the license template is disabled. Licensee can not obtain any new licenses off this license template.

name - Name for the licensed item.

licenseType - type of licenses created from this license template. Supported types: "FEATURE", "TIMEVOLUME", "FLOATING", "QUANTITY".

price - price for the license. If more than 0, it must always be accompanied by the currency specification.

currency - specifies currency for the license price. Check data types to discover which currencies are supported.

automatic - If set to true, every new licensee automatically gets one license out of this license template on creation. Automatic licenses must have their price set to 0.

hidden - If set to true, this license template is not shown in NetLicensing Shop as offered for purchase.

hideLicenses - If set to true, licenses from this license template are not visible to the end customer, but participate in validation.